Thursday, March 5, 2009

Low Self Esteem Leads to Suprise

Steve called today. He is in the process of improving his self esteem. “Wow,” he said, “I just heard a seduction coach say that you should approach a woman at an angle from the front. I did it and it worked.” “Wow,” I said, “did he explain it.” He Replied, “No he is just very observant I think and is on to something”

I explained. Have you ever watched National Geographic or any of the Animal shows on TV. It is true in all the animal kingdom. Direct approach, eye to eye, is confrontational. It is predator versus prey. They are determining which is which. Watch the classic shows as the hyenas circle the lions. Approaching at an angle shows mutual respect and flirting. There is a comfort and sensual arousal that naturally takes place with the angle approaching. There is also a significant difference just in shifting the eyes so that the right eye is looking into the right eye even in close conversation. And when the left eye is looking into the left eye. That’s for tomorrow.

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